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Commonly asked questions about Crouch Hall Dental Care

Find answers to common questions about our Crouch End dental practice, treatments and service.

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  • Do you accept NHS patients?

    Yes, we’re pleased to provide dental care for private and NHS patients and are currently accepting new patients. 

  • Do you provide an emergency dental service?

    We know that dental emergencies can occur at any time. Whenever necessary, we’ll squeeze you in for a same-day appointment. Whether that’s for pain relief or to provide essential treatment, simply call us on 0208 340 1453 if you need dental help.

  • Are there any dental specialists at your Crouch End practice?

    Absolutely! We currently have a team of dental specialists providing oral surgery, periodontal (gum) surgery, specialist crown and bridgework and orthodontics (teeth straightening).

  • What type of teeth whitening do you provide in Crouch End?

    We provide both in-chair teeth whitening and take-home whitening, using Enlighten which is clinically proven to be safe and effective. Almost anyone can benefit from teeth whitening. although we will need to perform an oral examination to ensure your mouth is healthy before applying any bleaching gel. 

  • How long does teeth whitening last?

    It all depends on how well you care for your teeth after treatment, and whether or not you continue with lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee and red wine or smoking which causes most staining. However, teeth whitening can be expected to last for 12 months or longer, with whitening ‘top-ups’ from time to time. 

  • Is teeth whitening safe?

    Yes, teeth whitening is safe when carried out under the guidance of an experienced dentist, producing better, longer-lasting results than store-bought whitening products. 

  • Are dental veneers permanent?

    Most dental veneers involve removing a thin layer of tooth enamel to ensure the veneers fit flush within the smile and help them adhere. Since tooth enamel can’t regenerate, it means this procedure is irreversible in most cases.

  • Will people know that I am wearing a dental crown?

    Absolutely not. Our crowns are precision made, carefully sculpted and shade-matched to neighbouring teeth to blend seamlessly into a smile. Our porcelain crowns look incredibly lifelike because they have a similar translucency to that of tooth enamel. 

  • What problems can facial aesthetics treat?

    Facial aesthetics such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can treat a variety of problems including fine lines, wrinkles, sagging facial skin, tear troughs and thin or uneven lips.

  • Do facial injections hurt?

    No. Because we use a combination of ultra-fine needles and gentle dentistry, most patients feel a slight pinch but nothing more. However, if you are particularly sensitive, we can use a topical cream to numb the area and make the procedure more comfortable. 

  • How do anti-wrinkle injections work?

    They work by blocking signals sent by the muscles to the nerves. This prevents the muscles from contracting which makes wrinkles and fine lines relax and look softer. While you will notice a visible difference right away, it can take up to 14 days for the treatment to take full effect. 

  • Are anti-wrinkle injections permanent?

    No, the effects will gradually fade away. So to remain wrinkle-free, you will need to have regular treatments approximately every 3 months. 

  • When are dermal fillers used?

    Dermal fillers are injected into the face to fill lines and wrinkles and to add volume to areas such as the lips or cheeks. However, they’re not permanent and will need replacing between 6 and 18 months. Most of them contain a natural substance already contained in the skin -hyaluronic acid. 

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