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Dental crowns in Crouch End

Restore your smile and make it great again

The lowdown on dental crowns

  • Multi-role – dental crowns are used to protect and give strength to damaged or weak teeth

  • Pre-evaluation appointment - this consists of an x-ray, diagnosis and discussion on the best crown options for you

  • Varying materials for functionality and aesthetics – all ceramic, porcelain, and metal combination materials to suit need and appearance

  • No messy impressions – accurate and zero mess digital impressions

  • Gentle treatment – provided by a specialist so you’re in the best possible hands

  • NHS or private  - we assist with both NHS and private cases

Duration of treatment

  • Multiple appointments may be necessary

  • 2 to 3 weeks

Cost of dental crowns

  • Crowns from £790 each

  • Bridges from £790 per unit

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What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are hollow, tooth-shaped coverings or caps that fit over the visible part of a permanent tooth.

They can be made from a variety of materials including all-ceramic, porcelain-fused, metal and gold or stainless steel.

When are dental crowns used?

Dental crowns are used by our Crouch Hall dentists to:

The dental crown process – what to expect

It requires two appointments to get a dental crown.

You may wish to take pain medication but we recommend you avoid aspirin as this contains ingredients that thin the blood and will only exacerbate the condition.

  • The first appointment will be to prepare your tooth by removing any decayed or damaged material and trimming away some of the outer layer to accommodate the crown. Digital impressions are then taken and sent to the dental lab where your custom crown will be created. We will also fit you with a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth against infection or disease.

  • The second appointment will be shorter (about 30 minutes). Here we will try your crown for size and cement it securely in place

Oral hygiene matters

Like any restorative treatment, a dental crown will last longer when it’s cared for properly.

It’s important to uphold good dental care and maintain a good level of oral hygiene with daily brushing and flossing to prevent bacteria from getting beneath the crown resulting in tooth decay. Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly and your smile will thank you.

When dental bridges are used

If you have several adjacent teeth missing, our dentist may recommend a dental bridge to fill the gap in your smile.

A bridge consists of one or more dental crowns fused together to literally bridge the gap and make the smile whole again. The device is secured to two (abutment) teeth at either end of the gap using dental crowns. Alternatively, the abutment teeth can be replaced by dental implants to secure the dental bridge.

Ready for your new smile?

Like any restorative treatment, a dental crown will last longer when it’s cared for properly.

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