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Dental veneers at Crouch Hall Dental Care

For a show-stopping smile

Dental veneers in a nutshell

  • Glam up your smile – dental veneers hide a multitude of flaws to give the illusion of a perfectly straight white smile

  • Great Smile, fast results -  treatment can usually be completed in just 2 dental visits – Not bad for a life-changing smile!

  • Natural-looking – matched to the surrounding teeth, veneers produce a natural-looking finish

  • As unique as you – veneers are customised to fit your dental needs so each one is different and will fit your teeth perfectly

  • Easy to maintain – no extra dental care is required, just brushing and flossing as normal, plus regular dental check-ups

  • Long-lasting – with proper care, veneers can last upwards of 10 years before they need replacing

  • Looking good – ideal as part of a smile makeover or as a standalone treatment

Duration of treatment

  • Requires a minimum of 2 dental appointments

  • 2-3 weeks

Cost of dental veneers

  • From £850 per veneer

  •  Flexible and affordable payment plans

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Commonly asked questions about our dental veneers

  • Are dental veneers permanent?

    Well, yes and no! Most teeth need to be prepared for veneers and that means removing a thin layer of tooth enamel. This is so that they sit perfectly flush in the mouth for a natural look. However, it does mean that they will always need the protection of a veneer or dental crown. Should a veneer break, it will have to be replaced with a new one. This is something you will need to bear in mind.

  • What’s the difference between dental veneers and dental crowns?

    A veneer covers just the front part of a tooth and sometimes the sides whereas a dental crown covers the entire tooth from the top of the crown to the gum line.

  • Will my veneers look like fake teeth?

    An impression is taken of your teeth and gums to create a mould which is sent to the exclusive Luke Barnett dental lab, where your customised veneers will be created. High-quality materials, attention to detail and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship ensure your veneers look so lifelike, no one will spot the difference.

What are dental veneers exactly?

Made from porcelain or composite, dental veneers are thin covers that are attached to the front of your teeth by our Crouch Hall dentists, to enhance their appearance.

We provide both porcelain and composite resin veneers at Crouch Hall Dental Care. Both treatments have their benefits, and our team will be happy to explain them in full, to help you decide what’s best for you.

Porcelain is an ideal material for veneers because it has a translucency similar to that of tooth enamel, producing exceptionally natural results. It’s also stain-resistant and strong so it makes a great choice if you’re looking to get the teeth in your smile line veneered. With care, porcelain veneers should last between 10 and 15 years.

Unlike porcelain veneers, composite resin veneers are fashioned directly onto the teeth using the same material we use for our white tooth fillings. The composite resin is layered, skilfully shaped and moulded by our Crouch End dentist before being hardened with a high-density light. Composite veneers are more prone to stains and have a shorter lifespan of around 5 to 7 years. They are, however, a cheaper option.

Your dream smile starts right here

Our dental veneers are beautiful and highly aesthetic

If you are looking to improve the look of your smile with dental veneers then we know you only want the very best. That’s why we have partnered with the Luke Barnett dental laboratory to craft the dental veneers for our patients. Why is this? Quite simply, we believe the work their expert clinical dental technicians produce is absolutely outstanding.

To ensure your dental veneers provide the smile you have been dreaming about, your dental team at Crouch Hall will consider many factors. The first is the result and look you want to achieve. Then we need to think about the size, shape and shade of the dental veneers so that they not only fit your vision but also work harmoniously with your face shape and structure. We then need to work with a dental laboratory team who can expertly use our scans, impressions and extensive notes to create the perfect dental veneers for you. Taking all of these variables into consideration is the way in which we are able to exceed your expectations every single time.

This is why selecting a best dental laboratory to work with is a crucial factor in achieving your dream smile. The team at Luke Barnett are not only highly skilled, they also only use the best dental materials available. In this way they produce dental veneers that are aesthetic and extremely natural looking, and our patients absolutely love the results.

The problems veneers can correct

Veneers are one of our most versatile cosmetic treatments and can correct:

  • Chipped or worn teeth

  • Uneven spaces between teeth or diastema - a large gap between the upper two front teeth

  • Slight misalignments

  • Teeth that are too big, too small or irregularly shaped

  • Deeply stained teeth that don’t respond to teeth whitening

Are you ready to get started?

Our dental veneers can transform your smile and make you feel good inside and out.

Our dental veneers can transform your smile and make you feel good inside and out. It's a minimally invasive procedure which produces dramatic results in just 2 dental appointments. This makes them one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments here in Crouch End.

At Crouch Hall Dental Care, we’ve been helping the smiles of the Crouch End community for 100 years and understand the level of dental care you expect. Our dentists have over 30 years of experience and treatment is provided in a soothing and safe environment.

Are you ready to get started?

We’re currently welcoming new patients from Crouch end and nearby areas of Hornsey, Finsbury Park, Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Finchley.

If you’re still undecided, here are some solid reasons why you should pick Crouch Hall Dental Care to be your dental practice of choice:

Flexible payment options available

No deposit, 0% interest and pay as you go options available

Stress-free dentistry

We specialise in gentle dentistry and pain management to relieve any anxiety you may have about visiting us


Same day early morning and late night appointments that fit in with your busy lifestyle

Specialised care

We work with a team of dental specialists and cosmetic dentists so there’s no need to go anywhere else

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