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Root canal treatment in Crouch End

Your ticket to pain relief

Root canal treatment at a glance

  • A hero treatment – relieving pain and saving your tooth

  • You won’t feel a thing – we provide pain management to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment

  • Prevents further problems – helps avoid other dental problems caused by tooth loss, including misalignment

  • No more infection – root canal therapy removes the source of infection and prevents it from spreading to other areas 

  • Saves money – a root canal is a cheaper alternative to extracting a tooth and replacing it with a dental implant 

  • NHS Band 2 – Crouch Hall offers root canal treatment on the NHS

  • Royal treatment – a crown can restore your tooth after root canal treatment

Duration of treatment

  • May require 2 appointments of an hour each, depending on the complexity of the condition

  • Follow-up appointments help us decide whether to restore the tooth with a filling or dental crown

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Questions about root canal treatments at Crouch Hall

  • What to expect during root canal treatment

    Our Crouch Hall dentists gently open the tooth, remove the infected nerve, flushes out the cavity, treats it with medication and seals it off to prevent reinfection. We administer a local anaesthetic so it feels no different to getting a regular dental filling. At a later date, we may restore the tooth with a dental crown. 

  • What’s the alternative to root canal treatment?

    Without root canal treatment, the only option will be to extract the tooth and replace it with an implant, removable denture, or a fixed bridge. Wherever possible, we will seek to preserve your tooth through root canal.  

  • Why is a crown often necessary to restore the tooth after a root canal?

    Root-filled teeth can break more easily than healthy teeth, so we often use a crown for protection after treatment.

Good news about root canal treatment 

For a long time, many people have mistakenly associated root canal treatment with discomfort.

However, root canal treatment actually relieves pain. Most people who come to Crouch Hall for this treatment are in significant pain when they arrive. This treatment takes the pain away!

This is how it works. When a tooth is infected or damaged, the nerves send out distress alerts. Often, the only way to relieve severe discomfort is to remove the nerve and seal the tooth to prevent reinfection. This resolves the pain.

At Crouch Hall Dental Care, we perform essential root canal therapy to rid you of debilitating pain and save your teeth from extraction.

Don’t suffer in silence

If you’re suffering from a painful tooth or abscess then you may need root canal treatment.

Our experienced team at Crouch Hall Dental Care are here to help and can even offer same-day emergency appointments.  

Our dentists are highly trained in performing successful endodontics (root canal) procedures of all kinds to relieve pain and save your teeth.

We’ve been helping patients in the Crouch End community for 100 years. We have a team of general dentists and dental specialists all dedicated to providing the best care for our patients, using gentle and modern techniques.

We understand that patients may feel some apprehension about undergoing root canal treatment and we’ll do our very best to put you at ease.

Are you ready to switch to a new dentist?

Not quite sure? Here are a few great reasons why you should consider Crouch Hall Dental Care to be your go-to dental practice.

Besides offering NHS treatments, we also provide flexible payment plans to make dental treatment more affordable for our private patients.  

We’re currently accepting new patients from Crouch End and the surrounding areas such as Hornsey, Finsbury Park, Hampstead, Muswell Hill and Finchley.

Your flexible friends

No deposit, 0% interest and pay as you go options available

Keep calm and carry on

Specialists in pain management – you’ll never feel anxious about paying us a visit

We work around you

We offer same day, early morning and late night appointments that fit in with your busy lifestyle

Onboard specialists

Our highly qualified specialists mean that you’re always in the best possible hands

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